1. bye!

  2. Gentleman’s Vibe - Apartments (Official Music Video)

  3. Download Here.
  4. so I made this with Matt Dennison for the DewTour BMX competition, turned out pretty cool.


  5. Gentleman’s Vibe - Girls Love The Power ft. Anna Toth (Prod. by KTHX)

  6. Time is passing by so fast.

  7. Sampled Vancouver

    A couple days ago Matt Dennison from IFHT headed over to my place with an idea to sample the sounds of Vancouver city and recreate some popular songs with them. Initially he planned on editing all the sounds inside Final Cut Pro by pitching shifting and using his ear. The same way he did on his “Sampled Biked" video. He asked me about sampled base production, and I mentioned we could do a much cleaner sounding recreation of Levels and Gangnam style through an audio editing program.

    We ended up this!

    Also people who think we got paid by Coke, or our intention was to get the attention of Coke execs couldn’t be further from wrong.

  8. I probably should update this more often.

    "Vancity Boys, Squeeze A Mill Out Of A Loonie"

    Produced by me!

  9. This.

  10. Trap beats and Electro Synths